Learning Latin Online

CyberCaesar is the course for learning Latin online. All the resources and materials that you need for learning Latin can be found on the website.


Track your progress with detailed, personalised feedback.


Everything is stored in the cloud.


CyberCaesar is intuitive and easy to navigate. Work at your own pace.

About CyberCaesar

  • We are no longer taking new subscriptions. Existing users of the course still have full access to the site.

How does it work?

CyberCaesar is a blended learning course that makes Latin accessible to everyone. It can be used in a conventional classroom setting or by students working independently. From video lessons, via interactive narratives to language exercises that mark themselves and provide individualised feedback, you have everything you need to understand Latin at your fingertips.
Video lessons


Video lesson tutorials teach you how the language works

Each topic has at least one video lesson explaining simply how an aspect of the Latin language works. These lessons are interactive - they involve viewer input.



Online stories and a range of reference materials reinforce understanding

Each topic has a collection of stories that rehearse features of grammar and vocabulary, as well as depicting several aspects of Roman life. Some of them are even funny.

Exercises marked automatically


Work is assessed immediately

All exercises are marked automatically, meaning that a student doesn't have to wait until the next lesson for results or advice.



Online exercises show where you are going wrong

Each exercise on CyberCaesar gives feedback, explaining where a student has made a mistake. The feedback analyses the student's response and identifies areas for improvement.